PureVert1 ★

Mike turned his attention to below the floorboard ballast tanks after several years of trying to create larger wakes by using hydrofoils to pull the rear of the boat down. He teamed with Calabria Boats in 1999 to fulfill his vision: a pump free ballast system with the fastest fill-empty time in the industry. A patent for the PureVert Wake Enhancement System was granted in 2001.

This system is currently available from several manufacturers.



No pumps (gravity filled – emptied)

Rear gate valves (on stern below waterline) are raised and lowered with switches on the dash.


Ballast: approximately 800-1200 pounds (depends on tanks)

Fills: At rest: 30-45 seconds

Empties: On plane: 17-30 seconds


Read More Here: History of Boat Ballast in Watersports


The 2000 Calabria Cal-Air was the first boat with PureVert System. (Advertisement in Flight Worlds, Summer, 2000)


PureVert 1 with SIDE TANKS: a computer generated video showing installation.


PureVert 1 with BOW TANK: a computer generated video showing installation. The bow tank can be installed with or without the side tanks.