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Mike Murphy has been a leader in the watersports industry for 50+ years.


1. PIONEER / INVENTOR: Co-inventor of the Kneeboard the sit-down Hydrofoil, and the PureVert Wake System. Murphy holds more than a dozen patents for innovative water ski related products. As a skier Mike created 3 disciplines from scratch. He is the original Hot Dogger, #1 Kneeboarder, and First Flipping Foiler. Many years at the top!  Invented 50+ plus tricks on various devices.


2. WORLD’S BEST RIDER: 40+ years as the “World’s Best In Category”. Really. Hot Dog, Kneeboard, Show, Hydrofoils (all kinds). Kite, Endurance / Drag Racing Another home run.


3. RECORDS AND TITLES: International Speed Ski Champion 1978 (118.92 mph), Flight Worlds Big Air Champion 2002 (18’6”), Winner Open Men Lake Mead 75-miler 1968, World Record consecutive flips in one ride (708 in 1998).


4. PROMOTER: 10,000+ boat shows, clinics, exhibitions, demo & learn to ski days for O’Brien, Ski Master, Knee Ski, HO, Calabria, Sky Ski +++ 30 consecutive years at the Chicago Marine Trade Show.  Incredible Salesman. Demos & Exhibition in Dozens of Countries, 1000s of Lakes, Rivers & more. Special Needs Volunteer. 10 or 12 vans with Millions of Miles. Seriously.


5. TEACHER: Well over 10,000 people can claim coach with Mike Murphy. More than half of those can also boast that he got in and skied along for personal support.  “Murph” taught extensively at Lake Arrowhead, Okinawa, and for numerous years at his own shop on the legendary Parker Strip on the Colorado River.


Mike’s Other Projects:

Next Foils

Hydrofoil Headquarters